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Structure of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis-(4-methoxyphenyl)-porphine-Co(II)
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Synonym: TMPP-Co(II)
Part Number: PL00472700
CAS: 28903-71-1
Molecular Formula: C48H36CoN4O4
Molecular Weight: 791.7556
Melting Point: no information
Solubility: Dichlormethane, Chloroform, Pyridine, Benzonitrile, Dimethylformamide

UV/VIS-Spectrum: (click to enlarge, please!)

spectrum of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis-(4-methoxyphenyl)-porphine-Co(II)

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This metalloporphyrin can be used as a catalyst in fuel cells. Especially by plasma pyrolysis it is activated for use in DMFC. In addition, this compound can be used for the increase in output of batteries. Ion selective electrodes are by this porphyrin for example, Thiocyanate, molybdate and arsenate sensitized.

Examples from the literature:

1.) Bogdanoff P., Herrmann I., Hilgendorff M., Dorbandt I., Fiechter S. and Tributsch H., Probing Structural Effects of Pyrolysed CoTMPP-based Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction via New Preparation Strategies., J. New. Mat. Electrochem. Systems, 7, 2004, 85-92
2.) Vlascici D., Fagadar-Cosma E. and Bizerea-Spiridon O., A New Composition for Co(II)-porphyrin-based Membranes Used in Thiocyanate-selective Electrodes., sensors, 6, 2006, 892-900
3.) Gupta V. K. and Agarval S., PVC Based 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis (4-methoxyphenyl) Porphyrinatocobalt (II) Membrane Potentiometric Sensor for Arsenite., Talanta, 65, 2005, 730-734