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Structure: (click to enlarge, please!)

Structure of 5-(4-Carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-triphenyl-21,23H-porphine
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50 mg 95 €
100 mg 160 €
250 mg 320 €
1 g 960 €
Synonym: mono-pTCPP
Part Number: PL02050100
CAS: 95051-10-8
Molecular Formula: C45H30N4O2
Molecular Weight: 658.7441
Melting Point: no information
Solubility: Dichlormethan, Chloroforme

UV/VIS-Spectrum: (click to enlarge, please!)

spectrum of 5-(4-Carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-triphenyl-21,23H-porphine

Examples from the literature:

1.) Roales J., Pedrosa J. M., Guillén M. G., Lopes-Costa T., Castillero P., Barranco A. and González-Elipe A. R., Free-Base Carboxyphenyl Porphyrin Films Using a TiO2 Columnar Matrix: Characterization and Application as NO2 Sensors , Sensors, 15, 2015, 11118-11132