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Structure: (click to enlarge, please!)

Structure of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis-(4-aminophenyl)-21,23H-porphine
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100 mg 85 €
250 mg 170 €
1 g 510 €
5 g 1980 €
Synonym: p-TAPP
Part Number: PL00050100
CAS: 22112-84-1
Molecular Formula: C44H34N8
Molecular Weight: 674.793
Melting Point: no information
Solubility: Acetone, Chloroforme

UV/VIS-Spectrum: (click to enlarge, please!)

spectrum of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis-(4-aminophenyl)-21,23H-porphine

Examples from the literature:

1.) Dastgheyb, S.S., Toorkey, C.B., Shapiro, I.M. and Hickok, N.J., Porphyrin-adsorbed allograft bone: a photoactive, antibiofilm surface., Clin. Orthopaed. Rel. Res., 473, 2015, 2865-2873
2.) Camargo C. R., da Conceição Amaro Martins V., de Guzzi Plepis A. M. and Perussi J. R., Photoinactivation of Gram-Negative Bacteria in Circulating Water using Chitosan Membranes Containing Porphyrin, Biological and Chemical Research, Vol.1, Issue 2, 2014, 67-75
3.) Day N. U., Walter M. G., and Wamser C. C., Preparations and Electrochemical Characterizations of Conductive Porphyrin Polymers, J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 2015, 17378-17388