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Structure: (click to enlarge, please!)

Structure of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis-(4-bromophenyl)-21,23H-porphine
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1 g 95 €
2.5 g 190 €
10 g 570 €
Synonym: p-TBrPP
Part Number: PL00070100
CAS: 29162-73-0
Molecular Formula: C44H26Br4N4
Molecular Weight: 930.319
Melting Point: no information
Solubility: Dichlormethane, Chloroform, Pyridine, Benzonitrile

UV/VIS-Spectrum: (click to enlarge, please!)

spectrum of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis-(4-bromophenyl)-21,23H-porphine

Examples from the literature:

1.) Hu Q., Yang G, Yin J and Yao Y., Determination of trace lead, cadmium and mercury by on-line column enrichment followed by RP-HPLC as metal-tetra-(4-bromophenyl)-porphyrin chelates., Talenta, Volume 57, Issue 4, 2002, 551-556