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Here the IUPAC name's of the metal-free porphine-bases are displayed. After clicking on the desired porphine-base, you have in the periodic table on the product page the option to screen which corresponding metal complexes of this porphine are standard in our product portfolio. For the porphine you changed the red signed Elements in the periodic table are available by default.
If you don't find in our catalog the desired porphine / metalloporphine, we would be happy to make you an offer.

7 cis-A2B2-Porphines   Synonym
5,10-Di-(4-carboxyphenyl)-15,20-diphenyl-21,23H-porphine    cis-p-DCPDPP 
5,10-Di-(4-carboxyphenyl succinimide ester)-15,20-diphenyl-21,23H-porphine    cis-p-DNHSDPP 
5,10-Di-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-15,20-diphenyl-21,23H-porphine    cis-p-DHPDPP 
5,10-Di-(4-N-methylpyridyl)-15,20-diphenyl-21,23H-porphine ditosylate    cis-p-DMPyDPP 
5,10-Di-(4-sulfonatophenyl)-15,20-diphenyl-21,23H-porphine dihydrochloride    cis-p-DSPDPP, TPPS2 
5,10-Di-(4-N,N,N-trimethylammoniophenyl)-15,20-diphenyl-21,23H-porphine ditosylate    cis-p-DTMAPDPP