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Our Products

At present there are only few suitable procedures to produce porphyrins in industrial usable quantities. The Porphyrin-Laboratories GmbH is already today able to offer many species of these compounds in quantities of several kilogramms. So our portfolio covered porphyrins from the milligramm scale up to bulk quantities. Because of new special technologies in synthesis of porphyrins our products contain fewer impurities than from other manufacturers.

By variation of functional groups, for example at the tetraphenylporphyrin systems, and the installation of different metal ions in the centre of the porphyrinring, the characteristics of these chemicals can be very broadly varied. This is reflected in diversed applications of our products.

  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Diagnostics for malignat and non-oncological diseases
  • Additional medical applications, like antibiotics, antiviral therapy etc.
  • Catalysts for epoxidations
  • Catalysts for fuel cells
  • Active components in optical and electrochemical sensors
  • Organic solar cells and computer chips (molecular electronics)
  • Chemicals for water purification