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On this site you can see how the company Por-Lab, Porphyrin-Laboratories GmbH develops. Furthermore, we would like to keep you up to date about new and interesting products:

  • Por-Lab, Porphyrin-Laboratories GmbH was founded by Dr. Klaus Grimm and Dr. Christian Schell
  • The company is online with the first version of it's website.
  • The online catalog now contains 56 Porphyrins with UV/VIS-spectra and prices. Most of these compounds are in stock and can be delivered immediately.
  • The German pages of the website have been updated.
  • The English pages have been updated. Now you can find the prices of kg-quantities in the bulk-site.
  • 6 new amphiphilic Porphyrins from the cis-A2B2 type were added to our online catalog. This should be particularly for the "cell research" (eg PDT, aPDT, PCI and Pd complexes of these for O2 measurements in cells) of interest.
  • In our online catalog now 146 porphyrins with price, mostly with UV / VIS spectrum, often with interesting literature citations are available.
  • For Mössbauer spectroscopy, we can supply many 57Eisen porphyrins and 57Eisen-(II) acetate. Consult us for this price separately!